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Acupuncture for Pets

What does the treatment involve?

Initial treatment involves a thorough Western examination as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) examination to enable the correct acupuncture points to be determined.

The needles are inserted and left in for anywhere between 15-30 minutes, depending on the desired effect. The needles are very fine, are smaller than the ones used for vaccination and are tolerated very well by animals. During treatment many animals relax and some even fall asleep!

If you would prefer not to use needles, or your pet does not tolerate needles well, then we also offer laser acupuncture, which uses a laser beam to stimulate the acupuncture points individually.

The next treatment is scheduled depending on the condition being treated.


What outcome can I expect?

There are 3 common results after a treatment:

  1. No obvious change in symptoms but the animal seems brighter;
  2. Symptoms improve for 24-48 hours, then deteriorate;
  3. Symptoms get worse for 24-48 hours, then improve.

Acute cases tend to respond faster and often need only 1-2 treatments. Chronic cases can take a lot longer, and often 6-8 treatments are required before improvement is seen.


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into specific points in the body to achieve homeostasis or balance. These points are located along meridians or channels and when stimulated can cause physiological changes in the body. Acupuncture has been used in China for over 4000 years and has recently gained more recognition in Western Medicine as an adjunctive and alternative means of treatment.


What are Meridians?

A meridian is a channel of energy that runs beneath the skin surface. It follows sections of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.

Qi, or energy, flows within these meridians. It often helps to think of the body as a highway. Each meridian has on/off ramps that exit to the skin’s surface. These exit points have greatly increased electrical conductivity and increased numbers of nerve and small circulatory endings. These highly reactive skin areas are acupuncture points.

For example, if there is a flood blocking an exit ramp, the streets that are served by the ramp are inaccessible and also there is a back up on the highway. The body is like this. If there is a blockage at the hip, for example, the pathways of energy leading to the hip get backed up as well. The pathways leaving the hip also have decreased energy flow, which is seen as being stiff or painful.

Acupuncture opens up these channels and lets the energy, or Qi, flow smoothly around the body.

Each meridian is also associated with an internal organ system. If there is a problem along a meridian, it may relate to the organ that the pathway serves.


Can any Vet perform Acupuncture?

The simple answer is no! It takes additional training to become qualified in performing acupuncture on animals. Veterinarians need to complete a course to obtain a Certificate of Veterinary Acupuncture (CVA) from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.


What conditions can it help?

Acupuncture can be used to help treat the following:

  • Musculoskeletal conditions (accounts for approximately 80% of cases seen)
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Urinary disorders
  • Respiratory problems
  • Dermatological problems

If your pet suffers from any of these conditions, then discuss with your vet the possibility of using acupuncture

328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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