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Coronavirus Update

Update 25/05/2021
Here we go again…
🙏 At Karingal Veterinary Hospital we are so thankful to our wonderful clients for your understanding and cooperation over the last 18mths as we constantly adjusted to the recommendations of the Vic Government Department of Health.
Here are our latest updates:
😷 As of 6pm TODAY masks are again mandatory to be worn within the clinic (and in all indoor settings). We will be wearing ours, so please wear yours to help keep everyone safe.
📲 A reminder that all visitors are required to scan the QR code upon entry to check in. You may have noticed a change as we moved to the Vic Services QR Platform in line with the requirements of DHHS. We ask that you also please use the hand sanitisers on entry and exit.
🩺So long as everyone wears a mask and checks-in there are currently no further restrictions surrounding your visit with your fur-children. All clients are still welcome into the clinic for all services. We are committed to continuing to provide them with the very best care during their visit.
🤧 If you are unwell or in isolation, then PLEASE DO NOT COME to the hospital. Organise a family member or friend to bring your pet and notify us of your illness so that we can take the appropriate precautions with your pet. We can call you to discuss your pet’s health.

Update 4/8/2020

With the new Stage 4 restrictions being announced we would like to ensure all our clients that we are OPEN AS NORMAL.
Veterinary facilities are deemed as an essential service and as such are permitted to keep operating.
“Taking your pet to the vet” is listed under ‘health and care’. This means:
1. The 8pm – 5am curfew does not apply if you need to take your pet to a vet (e.g. after-hours emergency treatment, heading home after a late appointment)
2. You MAY travel more than 5kms from your home to attend a veterinary clinic for an appointment and pick up medications or other supplies.
If you have an appointment with us you will receive a text message confirming this appointment. This text can be used as documentation to show any authorities if required.
Please understand and observe the following:
1. You must wear a face mask when attending the clinic, including while in your car speaking with our staff. If you are not wearing one our staff will be unable to help you or your pet. If needed we can provide you with a mask for a small fee.
2. Only one person per household should be bringing your pet their appointment.
3. Clients are still not permitted into our building. When you arrive at the Hospital call us on 9789 3444 and we will come out to you.
4. If you are sick or awaiting test results DO NOT come to the Hospital. Stay at home and organise alternative arrangements.
5. Please be aware we are still extremely busy and are booking out several days in advance. If you require an appointment please allow plenty of time. We have measures in place to cater to sick, injured, and emergency cases but these are still limited. We will do our best to accommodate everyone but PLEASE do not leave it to the last minute to make an appointment. This also applies to medication requests.
6. Puppy School will not be commencing until further notice and is unlikely to start again until 2021.
7. We will remain closed on Sundays until further notice.

Update 24/3/2020
We would like to thank all our wonderful clients who have adapted to the changes we have been forced to make as we face this COVID-19 pandemic together. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

We are still OPEN and providing most normal services (e.g. consultations, vaccinations, surgery etc. We would ask though that if it something that is not urgent then consider postponing (e.g. nail trims)
We have now had to make a few more additional changes in order for everyone to stay safe and help “flatten the curve”. These changes are as follows:
🐾 Our Ballam Park Veterinary Clinic will be closed for the foreseeable future. Our two practices are linked and so we are able to access all medical records for any animals who have been to Ballam Park Vet Clinic.
⌚️ We are no longer opening on Sundays (9am to 1pm) until further notice. If your pets require veterinary attention on a Sunday please contact your local emergency centre. All other hours remain the same (8am to 8pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 5pm Sat).
🚪 Clients are no longer allowed access to the building. When you arrive for your appointment please call us on 9789 3444 to let us know you are here. Staff members will then come out to your car to discuss your pet’s health concerns while maintaining adequate social distancing. If needed we will then bring your pet into the hospital to be examined (while you remain outside) and a treatment plan determined. We will then come back to you to discuss further. We may use several of our outdoor areas as consult “rooms” if needed.
🖱 We have turned off our online booking system. Please call the hospital on 9789 3444 to make an appointment.
📞 If you need medications, food or other products for your pet please call ahead to order these. Please do not just arrive at the clinic. We will organise the items you need and arrange payment. When you arrive at the the hospital to pick things up please call us on 9789 3444 and we will bring the items out to you.
🦠 If you are unwell or in isolation then PLEASE DO NOT COME to the hospital. Organise a family member or friend to bring your pet. We can call you to discuss your pet’s health.

Update 19/3/2020
We are OPEN as usual and our operating hours stay the same.

At Karingal Veterinary Hospital we are committed to providing ongoing veterinary care for your pets while still ensuring your safety, the safety of our staff and the safety of the wider community.
We have already made a number of changes in the way the staff go about their daily tasks but we need your help and understanding moving forward. You can assist us by adhering to the following recommendations and requests.

📞 If you have booked an appointment and are showing any signs of infection or have been potentially exposed to someone who is, then please call us on 9789 3444 to reschedule your appointment.

📅 Please consider postponing non-urgent appointments such as nail trims, annual health checks etc.

🚙 When you arrive for your appointment we request that you stay in your car and call us on 9789 3444 to let us know you have arrived. Our reception staff will take note of your car’s details and one of our staff will come out and get you when we are ready for your appointment. Alternatively, if the weather is suitable, we do have an outside waiting area, and this can be utilised if no-one else is currently there. In this way, we will minimise the number of people in our waiting room.

☣️ Once in the Hospital, we ask you to please use the hand sanitisers on entry and exit. This is particularly important if using items like the EFTPOS machine. It would also be beneficial to use non-contact payment (i.e. not cash).

☝️ We ask you to minimise the number of people coming into the Hospital for the appointment. Ideally one person should accompany your pet. If other people wish to be involved we can simply use your phone on speaker so they can comment and hear what is being said. Refrain from bringing children with you where possible.

🙅‍♀️ Keep your distance! When in the Hospital our staff will be trying to maintain some distance between people. It’s not that we don’t love you but “social distancing” is the new norm!

🐶 In some cases it may be necessary for our staff to take your pet out of the consult room and into our treatment area to allow certain procedures to be done.

💊 If your pet is on long term medications or prescription foods consider how much you have on hand and give a few more extra days notice if you need items. While currently there are no disruptions to the supply of most medications and food it is possible this will change at some point.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we implement these changes. Our goal is to still look after your pets. We may just have to do it is a slightly different way!

Stay safe,
The Team at Karingal Veterinary Hospital


328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

The Karingal Veterinary Hospital is open 7 days a week.

Our hours are

- 8am-8pm Monday-Friday,
- 9am-5pm Saturday,
- Temporarily closed on Sundays Due To Covid,

- We will remain closed from the 25th Dec 2020 - 28th Dec 2020 & on 1st Jan 2021

* We are closed on public holidays.