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Pet Diet and Nutrition, Frankston

chihuahua-dog-puppy-cute-39317Quality pet food is essential

Cheaper pet food brands are tempting, but they are often not very nutritious, so we strongly recommend investing in quality pet food for your pet.

These days, feeding your pet great quality pet food is quite affordable, there are plenty of brands on the market that provide nutritious pet food without breaking your budget. Most leading brands have conducted extensive research into the animal’s nutritional needs to create a balanced source of nutrition.

Our recommendations

Animal Food Supplements
Dogs Hills Science Diet 4CYTE Canine
PAW Osteosupport
Cats Hills Science Diet PAW Osteosupport

We stock these brands in our retail store so customers can stock up on pet food supplies during their regular health checks with a vet. Our team can help advise you on the best nutrition plan for your pet.

Overweight pets

It can be tempting to feed your pet extra treats because you love them so much! But this seeming act of kindness can be harmful to your pet’s health and longevity.  Savvy pets soon learn that begging behaviour is rewarded, and can form bad habits in both pet and owner – pets beg and owners oblige!

It can be really tricky to change these bad habits, your pet is certain to put up a fight if you introduce a new eating regime, and you can easily find yourself slipping back to your old ways. Children especially love to treat pets and find it hard to understand the importance of nutritional limits.

If you want your pet to live a long and happy life, it’s important to restrict your pet’s eating to the recommended amounts for their breed and size. Our team of expert vets can provide dietary and nutrition advice for your pet and help you manage its weight. Our vets can also guide you in managing the transition for you and your pet, helping to manage pet behaviour during the ‘diet’ phase. Eventually your pet will adjust to the new eating regime, and as he or she begins to lose weight, you will notice an improvement in their behaviour, moods and vitality.

328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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