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dog-with-toyBoth Karingal Veterinary Hospital and Ballam Park Veterinary Clinic have a well stocked retail area with a large range of products.


Washing dogs and cats is not as simple as just getting a human shampoo and using that. Our pets’ hair and skin is very different to ours. As such we only recommend using shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for pets. In addition there are a number of different shampoos that are used to treat a variety of specific skin conditions such as bacterial infections, allergic dermatitis and even ringworm. Our staff can assist you to choose the most appropriate shampoo type for your pet.

Dietary Supplements

We stock a range of dietary supplements to help treat and manage a number of specific health conditions. Whether it be chews and powders to help with arthritis through to supplements for the management of allergic skin disease we have your pet covered. We’ve even got supplements for reptiles, rabbits and birds available. Our knowledgeable staff can ensure your pet receives the correct supplement for their condition.


We all like to spoil our pets and what better way they buying them a new toy! But not all toys are created equal. We stock a range of excellent quality toys that not only look good and are fun but are great for your pet’s behaviour as well. Toys are an excellent way to prevent boredom and reduce anxiety in pets. Make sure to check out our range next time you visit our practices.

Collars and Leads

Another way of spoiling our pets is to buy them some new “clothes”! A new collar or lead is a great way of showing our love. We stock a range of collars and leads, including specialty walking leads and harnesses. We have an onsite engraving machine so we can instantly create a great new ID tag. In addition we can order in a personalised collars and leads as well should you wish.

328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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