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Popular cat series: LaPerm Cat

Posted on: Apr 21 2022

History The LaPerm was first discovered in 1982 in the United States when a tabby had a litter of kittens, one born with curly hair. Its curly coat was a result of a dominate mutation in its genes. It was later bred, creating what is now known as the LaPerm cat. The breed was eventually […]

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What is Parvovirus and How to Prevent It

Posted on: Apr 7 2022

Parvovirus or parvo is a highly contagious viral disease that can be life-threatening in unvaccinated puppies and dogs. It can be transmitted by people, animal or objects that make contact with an infected dog’s faeces. Here’s what you need to know. How Does Parvovirus Affect Dogs? Parvo attacks the lining of the small intestine, causing […]

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Popular dog series: Beagle

Posted on: Mar 24 2022

History The Greeks had documented Beagles-like dogs as far back as 400 B.C and the breed had reached England as early as Roman times. Beagles gained popularity in England around the 1300s and were known as ‘Pocket Beagles’ that stood only 9 inches tall. In the mid-1800s American breeders started to import them from England […]

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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Posted on: Mar 10 2022

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a term used to describe conditions that can affect the urinary bladder of cats. Cats of any age can have problems with their lower urinary tracts although some cats are more prone to urinary tract issues than others. Here are some signs that indicate your cat could have […]

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How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for the Climate

Posted on: Feb 24 2022

If you’re choosing your first dog, it is important to understand how the climate will affect them. In Australia, the difference in weather can impact your dog’s routine and greatly affect your dog’s health if not catered for. While you may think the length of your dog’s coat is a primary consideration, there are several […]

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8 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets

Posted on: Feb 10 2022

When looking for the perfect pet for you or your family, it is easy to bypass cats and look straight to dogs. However, cats can be just as loyal, playful and fun as any dog. In fact, there are many benefits to having a cat as a pet. Here are the main reasons. Cats are […]

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5 Signs Your Dog Has Allergies

Posted on: Dec 3 2021

Allergies can affect your dog and your dog’s health just like in humans. They can range from foods, environment, insects or drugs and if left untreated, can make your dog very uncomfortable and affect their general well-being. So, how do you know if your dog has an allergy? Here are 5 signs your dog has […]

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How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Posted on: Nov 19 2021

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time, however, it can be hard for dogs to adjust to the new changes in the household. If you’re a dog owner, there are a few things you need to consider when you introduce your dog to your baby. Familiarise Your Dog with the Nursery Your dog […]

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Popular Cat Series: Balinese Cat

Posted on: Nov 5 2021

History Originating from Siamese cats that were carrying a mutant gene for long hair, the Balinese Cat was first noticed in the early 20th century. Originally, they were known as the Longhaired Siamese, but Siamese breeders protested this name. Eventually the name ‘Balinese’ was decided, due to their resemblance to Balinese temple dancers. The breed […]

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5 Benefits of Owning a Crossbreed Dog

Posted on: Oct 22 2021

When it comes to choosing the right breed of dog for you or your family, there are a lot of things to consider. These factors can range from the dog’s temperament, your living conditions, your lifestyle or the dog’s price tag. And although you may have a specific breed of dog in mind, there a […]

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Seizures in Cats

Posted on: Oct 8 2021

Seizures in cats are often caused by abnormal activity in the brain and can be scary for any owner to witness, yet they’re not always an emergency. It is usually a symptom of disease within the brain and can be accompanied by some common symptoms. Symptoms of a Cat Seizure The symptoms associated with seizures […]

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Popular Dog Series: Alaskan Malamute

Posted on: Sep 24 2021

Alaskan Malamute History A tribe of Innuit in North Western Alaska called the Mahlemuts, developed a breed of dog for hauling heavy loads in harsh weather – something few breeds could do. Although, unlike their ancestry breeds such as the Samoyed and Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute was built for power, not speed. This trait […]

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Top Tips for Adopting a Rescue Dog

Posted on: Aug 6 2021

Adopting a rescue dog has many benefits, not just for the dog you’re saving but for you as an owner too. Most rescue dogs are usually toilet trained, cheaper than buying a puppy, plus they’ve already developed a personality that you can see and experience before bringing them home. However, if you’re considering adopting a […]

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What You Should Know About Cat Fights & Bites

Posted on: Jul 23 2021

Cats are very territorial animals and that’s why it’s no surprise that the main cause of cat fights and bites are cats defending their territory. If your cat is involved in a cat fight, it is very important to seek medical attention. Why? Because cats’ mouth contains bacteria, and untreated bite wounds can cause a […]

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How To Stop Excessive Dog Barking

Posted on: Jul 9 2021

It is unreasonable to expect a dog to never bark, however excessive barking is a habit that needs to be broken. It not only can cause tension between neighbours, but it can also disrupt your household and often, if not correctly addressed, worsen the issue. If your dog barks excessively, here are a few tips […]

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Popular Cat Series: Sphynx

Posted on: Jun 25 2021

History Developed from a litter of hairless kittens in 1966, the sphynx originated in Toronto, Canada. This genetically mutated litter was selectively bred with normal-coated cats and then bred back with other hairless cats. This process was not only used to produce the desired breed characteristics but also to widen the gene pool and produce […]

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10 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

Posted on: Apr 30 2021

Although intelligence plays a big role in how trainable a dog is, each breed has different traits that affect its ability to learn. Some may be easily distracted or prefer to be independent. However, two traits that our list of 10 most trainable dog breeds have in common is they are intelligent, and they are […]

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What’s a Cherry Eye and How is it Treated?

Posted on: Apr 16 2021

Cherry eye is a non-life threatening condition that can affect any dog at any time, however some breeds are more likely to develop it than others. It is a prolapsed gland of the third eyelid and results in the gland protruding out from its normal position down in the corner of the eye. Although it […]

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Popular Dog Series: Cavoodle

Posted on: Apr 2 2021

History The Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They have become increasingly popular over the last decade, especially with families and those with allergies. Cavoodle Appearance The Cavoodle is a small dog with a compact round face. It has a thick, soft coat that can may be wavy […]

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What Causes Dental Disease in Cats

Posted on: Mar 19 2021

Dental disease in cats is a very common issue, especially when your feline friend gets older. Although dental problems are hard to detect by owners, they can be very painful for your cat. In fact, if left untreated, some dental diseases can cause serious issues like kidney and heat disease. So, what are the most […]

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