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Popular Breeds Series: Australian Mist

Posted on: Feb 6 2019




We have Dr Truda Straede to thank for these gentle cats bred to suit the Australian bush. The Australian Mist is a good cat for those wanting to protect the local birdlife and wildlife as it is happy to be a predominantly indoor cat. They are derived from a large gene pool – this includes Burmese, with Abyssinian and domestic shorthair contributing – gaining the most delightful traits of each breed.



These beautiful cats have multi-coloured dark spots on a ‘misted’ beige base. Their fur is short and dense. The colours are a range of warm brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach. They are distinguished by their spotted or marbled swirls on a beige background.



The Australian Mist is loving and affectionate. It is the perfect companion for little ones since it is specially bred to be gentle with small children. Little children love them because they tolerate handling and are sweet and calm. They will also win over many a heart with their tendency to invite themselves into the nearest lap. That doesn’t mean they’re docile, they’re very inquisitive and alert.



This is a healthy breed but, like with all cats, a regular/annual check-up is advised. They are moderately active cats and should be fed a well-balanced diet. Be sure to keep an eye on their weight and don’t overlook their dental health.


Owner’s Responsibilities

If you’re after a playful yet gentle companion then look no further than an Australian Mist – these cats enjoy playing games and love interaction and affection. Although their short-haired coat doesn’t need much maintenance, they will appreciate the extra attention some grooming brings. Overall, they’re a low maintenance breed.


Quick Look


Size Moderate
Weight 4 – 7 kgs
Coat Short, dense fur
Colour Warm brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach
Life Span 14 – 18 years (long-lived)
Temperament Gentle and affectionate


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328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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