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Kennel cough: What is it & how to treat it

Posted on: Feb 14 2020

Kennel cough is a common infection in dogs that is highly contagious, although it’s not normally life threatening. It is also known as Canine cough or Infectious Laryngotrachetitis. It’s important to seek medical attention for you dog if symptoms persist longer than 3 weeks. Our Veterinary Clinic in the Mornington Peninsula can help you, but […]

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My Puppy has Worms!

Posted on: Apr 29 2019

You’ve welcomed your new puppy to the family, and everyone is delighted with the new addition. Your puppy is now dependent on you for its health and protection.   As you know – puppies are naturally curious and will be learning about themselves and their new environment by sniffing and chewing. Their explorations mean that […]

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Don’t Let Your Cats Roam Free

Posted on: Mar 13 2018

Cats kill over one million birds in Australia every day. The crisis is so bad that cats were named the biggest threat to Australia’s endangered mammals in 2014. John Woinarski, Conservation Biology Professor at Charles Darwin University, and Peter Harrison, Director of Marine Ecology Research Centre at Southern Cross University, have claimed that controlling cat […]

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August is Dental Disease Awareness Month

Posted on: Jul 27 2017

Did you know that pets can also get dental disease? The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) have launched a campaign focusing on the causes and treatments for dental disease in pets. They report that periodontal disease is the most common disease found in pets, with 80% of cats and dogs over five years old having some […]

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Karingal Vet’s Guide to Parvovirus: prevention, presentation and treatment

Posted on: Jun 13 2017

Welcome to Karingal Vet’s blog! Every fortnight we will be publishing news about the hospital and our events, pet care and training tips, and news relating to your animals’ health. We hope you’re as excited as we, and this little fella, are!

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328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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