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Popular Cat Series: Domestic Shorthair

Posted on: Dec 17 2020

History Even though Domestic Shorthair cats are not eligible for official showing, they still have a rich history. Thought to have originated in Egypt around 2000 BC, the Domestic Shorthair can trace its roots back to the pioneer settlement in North America where they were used for rat-catching. These cats worked hard to keep barns […]

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5 signs your cat is stressed

Posted on: Nov 19 2020

Cats can become stressed and anxious when faced with certain situations and changes in their life, just like people. This stress can greatly affect your cat’s physical health and behaviour. So how do you know if your cat is stressed? We share some tell-tale signs, discuss why it may be occurring and explain how you […]

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Common Causes For Lumps On Your Cat’s Skin

Posted on: Sep 8 2020

Common causes for lumps on your cat’s skin It is not uncommon for cats to have lumps and bumps under their skin. However, that doesn’t mean, as a cat owner, you’re not worried. There are many causes for the lumps you may find and these are some of the most common. A simple injury Cat’s […]

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Simple Steps On How To Train Kittens

Posted on: Jul 23 2020

5 annoying habits your kitten needs to stop now A kitten may be the perfect addition to your home however, just like any pet, kittens can come with or develop some bad behaviours. Here are 5 annoying habits and some simple ways to train your kitten to break these habits early. Here are some simple […]

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Essential steps for bringing a rescue cat home

Posted on: Jun 5 2020

Essential steps for bringing a rescue cat home Adopting a rescue cat is incredibly rewarding, however, remember that the cat will need time and space to adjust to its new environment. It’s not uncommon for rescue cats to feel insecure and unsure of their new surrounding in the first few weeks, but once they are […]

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Popular Cat Series: Bengal

Posted on: May 21 2020

Popular Cat Series: Bengal History of the Bengal cat The growing attraction of wild cats sparked the efforts of breeders in the United States to create a domestic cat with the appearance of a wild cat in the early 1960’s. The breeding of the Bengal cat, a hybrid of the Asian Leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) and the […]

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5 Palliative Care Tips for Cats

Posted on: Apr 10 2020

Caring for a cat at the end of their life is a difficult time for any owner. Yet ensuring that your cat is comfortable and their pain is managed is imperative for quality of life in their final days. Here are our top 5 palliative care tips for cats. Pain management Ensure that your cat […]

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Does my cat have a kidney disease?

Posted on: Feb 28 2020

Did you know your cat’s kidneys manage blood flow, eliminate waste from the blood and balance water, salts and acids, among other things? Unfortunately, kidney disease in cats is not uncommon. However, if treated early you can extend their life quality and expectancy. So how do you know if your cat has a kidney disease?

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Popular cat series: Exotic Shorthair

Posted on: Jan 31 2020

History The Exotic Shorthair was developed as a short-haired version of the Persian in the late 1950s. This was to improve their body type. The crossbreed gained recognition at cat shows, but unhappy breeders decided to set a breed standard that would disqualify it from their shows. However, they were finally recognised as a breed in 1966, under the […]

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How to prepare your cat & house for a cat sitter

Posted on: Dec 6 2019

A cat sitter is the perfect way to have your cat cared for while you’re on holidays. So how do you prepare your cat and house for a cat sitter? Here’s some helpful tips.

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Popular Cat series: Russian Blue

Posted on: Nov 8 2019

History The early Russian Blue originated from Russia and was brought to Europe in the 1860’s by a navy soldier. They were later bred with the Siamese cat but the modern Russian Blue has no trace of Siamese in their bloodlines. Russian Whites and Russian Blacks were created by breeding with domestic white and black […]

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7 signs your cat or dog is sick

Posted on: Oct 25 2019

When your cat or dog is sick you may see a change in their appearance or behaviour. It’s these changes that may trigger you to become concerned. Although not all changes are due to illness, it’s best to be aware of what signs can indicate your pet is sick. Diarrhoea This may be one of […]

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How to keep your cat safe when moving house

Posted on: Sep 13 2019

Moving house is a stressful time for anyone, however for your cat, moving into a new environment can be traumatic. Cats form strong bonds with their environment but with some planning you can make the transition as smooth as possible. So how do you keep your cat safe when moving house? Thoroughly clean the new […]

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Popular Cat Series: Abyssinian

Posted on: Aug 16 2019

This regal-looking medium-sized cat is thought to originate from Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia). It was brought to Britain in the 1860s by British Soldiers, purchased by local traders.

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How to train cats and dogs to get along

Posted on: Aug 2 2019

It’s just the way, and most people would agree, cats and dogs do not get along. However, households with both cats and dogs are more common than you think. A recent survey states that 45% of cat owners have a dog, meaning the need to train cats and dogs to get along is a regular household issue.

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Popular Breeds Series: Maine Coon

Posted on: May 15 2019

History This beautiful, large cat is an old breed originating in America. It’s thought they were brought to the American shores by sailors and bred with the local native cats, resulting in the Maine Coon breed we have today. Their semi-long hair helps them stay warm in the cold winter temperatures of Maine. They were […]

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Popular Breeds Series: Australian Mist

Posted on: Feb 6 2019

    History We have Dr Truda Straede to thank for these gentle cats bred to suit the Australian bush. The Australian Mist is a good cat for those wanting to protect the local birdlife and wildlife as it is happy to be a predominantly indoor cat. They are derived from a large gene pool – […]

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Heat Stroke in Cats

Posted on: Jan 4 2019

Heat stroke is often associated with dogs but heat stroke is a problem for cats too. If you’re facing hot summer days, it is wise to keep an eye on the well-being of your fluff balls. Heat stroke or heat stress is a very serious condition and is the result of cats not being able […]

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Popular Breeds Series: Ragdoll

Posted on: Sep 12 2018

Ragdoll History Ann Baker selectively bred this popular cat in the 1960s. She recognised that her neighbour’s kittens born from a Persian/Angora cat and a Birman or Burmese-like cat were affectionate and relaxed. She trademarked the name Ragdoll which perfectly suits the way they go limp and floppy when picked up – just like a […]

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Cat Adoption

Posted on: Jul 18 2018

If you are thinking about adding a new kitten to your home, perhaps after reading our post on Siamese cats, you may be wondering where to get one. Before you go to a breeder or pet store, consider adopting a cat from a rescue centre. This week, we talked to Joy from the Peninsula Cat […]

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