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Common Causes For Lumps On Your Cat’s Skin

Posted on: Sep 8 2020

Common causes for lumps on your cat’s skin

It is not uncommon for cats to have lumps and bumps under their skin. However, that doesn’t mean, as a cat owner, you’re not worried. There are many causes for the lumps you may find and these are some of the most common.

A simple injury

Cat’s often find themselves with minor injuries. Whether it’s from cuts and scratches from the environment or other cats, it can cause their skin become inflamed. An injury may heal on its own, however if the lump is increasing in size or feels as though it may be infected, it’s best to visit your vet.


Insect bites

Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants and spider bites are the most common insect bites. If your cat has sensitive skin, it may react with a lump or inflamed skin at the bite mark. Cats that have been bitten by a tick, may need medical attention if the tick is still attached to the skin. Don’t remove the tick yourself.


Cat Acne

Just like people, cats can get acne. They may not be noticeable from under their coat, but if the acne becomes infected, you may feel bumps across the cat’s skin of the chin area. A medicated wash or wipes can be used to help relieve any itchiness or irritation. Seek your vet’s advice for ongoing treatment.


An Abscess

An abscess is a swollen pus-filled lump that can form under  your cat’s skin if it has been bitten or scratched. These might irritate your cat and can, in some instances, make them disinterested in food. Visit your vet for treatment.


Fatty tumours

Fatty tumours or lipomas are non-cancerous lumps that may not necessarily need to be removed. While not as common as in dogs they tend to occur mostly in over weight and older cats. It’s important to have your vet take a sample of the tissue to check. If it continues to grow, it may need to be removed.


Cancerous lumps

Occasionally lumps on your cat’s skin can be cancerous. Common forms of cancerous bumps are mast cell tumour’s, mammary cancer and lymphoma.

  • Lymphoma develops in the lymph nodes and causes them to swell. A vaccination can help to reduce the risk of this cancer
  • Mast cells are a specific type of inflammatory cell in the skin that can occasionally become cancerous. An appointment with your vet will confirm this
  • Mammary cancer can affect cats. Tiny pellet-like lumps across the underside of the cat is the first sign of this cancer. Cats that are desexed as kittens are significantly less likely to be affected.

To help to identify any of these issues, ensure you regularly groom your cat and check their skin as you go.

Karingal Veterinary Hospital

If you find lumps on your cat’s skin that cause concern, contact your vet for an appointment. You can call Karingal Veterinary Hospital to talk to our friendly staff or book online today.

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