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How to prepare your dog for a long haul flight

Posted on: Jan 17 2020

To prepare your dog for a flight means a lot of planning and decision making. Dogs can be affected by altitude, stress and change in environment in varying degrees depending on the breed and age. But by considering the following advice you can make the flight comfortable and hassle free for you and your dog.

prepare your dog for a flight, dog on suitcase

Do your research

Research the airline and their pet policy, how your dog will be transported, what you’ll need for the flight and how much it will cost. It’s wise to speak with a company that deals with pet travel and the airline you’re travelling with to confirm any aspects you may have overlooked.

Think about quarantine

The country you’re entering will determine if your dog requires to be quarantined. This will also determine the type and length of quarantine needed. Ensure you have the necessary paperwork, including any required testing, completed well before your trip.

Talk to your Vet

Your vet will have a lot of useful advice about flying with your dog and what you should be aware of. They know your dog’s history so they should have a good understanding of whether or not a long haul flight will put too much strain on them.

Be crate ready

Your dog will be transported in a crate in the cargo area. It’s important that leading up to the flight, your dog has crate training. This will reduce the stress imposed on them during the flight.

prepare your dog for a flight, dog in crate

Consider your flight choice

Try to choose a flight that arrives either early in the morning or late at night. This will help avoid any shock to the dog’s system especially if you’re travelling to a warm climate.

Monitor your dog’s water intake

Ensure your dog is exercised and hydrated before it boards the flight. Monitor its water intake and make sure it has access to water on the flight.

Be prepared to sign a waiver

Most airlines ask you to sign a waiver in case anything happens to your dog on the flight. This is common with short-nosed breeds and elderly dogs.

If you are prepared, follow the guidelines and advice you’ve been given, the long haul flight will be a comfortable and relaxed experienced for your dog.


Karingal Veterinary Hospital

If you need more advice on how to prepare your dog for a flight, please ask one of our friendly staff. You can call Karingal Veterinary Hospital or book online today.

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P: (03) 9789 3444

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