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Pet Health: Is my Pet Overweight?

Posted on: May 29 2019

It’s tempting to spoil our pets with treats – their enthusiasm and excitement for a tasty titbit will easily put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, weight has a horrible tendency of creeping up before getting noticed and – before you know it – your Veterinarian is telling you your furry friend is overweight. An overweight pet will suffer more health problems than those at their ideal weight and obesity is considered a serious medical condition. Prevention is, of course, better than a cure and it’s advisable that you monitor your pet’s nutritional intake to ensure they’re eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

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Help? My Pet is Fat!

Here at Karingal Vet, we will be able to determine your pet’s ideal body weight and offer you advice on how to go about implementing dietary changes if your cat/dog is already overweight. Pet health is our priority.


Factors to Consider

  • Food intake and activity levels – these are the primary links to weight, but some breeds or individuals may be more prone to obesity than others.
  • Age – the older they get the more sedentary animals become and this may cause weight gain
  • Male or Female – neutered females have a tendency to put on more weight than males
  • Neutering – in both cats and dogs, neutering can slow the speed of metabolism and lead to weight gain.


Reasons for Weight Gain

  • Portion Size – pets are often fed too much; they will not regulate their own intake, so you have to be firm with portion size and don’t over-do it.
  • Wrong diet – ensure you are feeding your pet the appropriate food for their lifestyle and size. For example: working dog breeds only need a working dog diet if they’re actually working
  • Treats – it gives pet owners great joy to see their doggie light up at the prospect of being thrown some table scraps but be careful – these sorts of informal treats are often the cause of weight gain.
  • Lack of exercise – dogs need to have daily walks and exercise. Cats should be encouraged to play and be let outside.

Health Risks

Keeping your pet’s weight under control will save you in vet’s bills in the long run. Being overweight opens the door to a range of issues such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Problems
  • Cancer
  • Breathing Problems
  • Heat stroke


Karingal Veterinary Hospital

Speak to us, if you’re concerned about your pet’s weight or would like some advice regarding nutrition and diet. We offer friendly, practical and helpful advice. If you don’t have your pet on a Wellness Plan, we highly recommend it as it is a good way to budget for your pet’s expenses.

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