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Popular cat series: LaPerm Cat

Posted on: Apr 21 2022


The LaPerm was first discovered in 1982 in the United States when a tabby had a litter of kittens, one born with curly hair. Its curly coat was a result of a dominate mutation in its genes. It was later bred, creating what is now known as the LaPerm cat. The breed was eventually recognised by the International Cat Association in 2002.

To maintain its genetic diversity, LaPerm’s were bred with non-pedigreed domestic shorthairs and longhairs. They are hypoallergenic cats, providing a significant reduction in the allergic response in humans compared to other cat breeds.

LaPerm Appearance

The LaPerm is identifiable by its coat. The soft waves, curls, and ringlets resemble a shaggy perm and comes in two lengths—short and long—and any colour or pattern, although tabbies, reds and tortoiseshell are the most common. Its whiskers are also curly, and it can take up to three years for their coat to fully mature.

The LaPerm is a medium size cat with an elegant and athletic build. It has long legs and round paws. This cat is muscular and surprisingly heavy with a wedge-shaped head and ears.


This breed has a clown-like personality that likes to get into mischief. It loves company but is not clingy and has an active and playful demeanour. LaPerm’s are affectionate, gentle and patient with his people and are good with children and dogs.

LaPerm Health Care

LaPerm’s are generally healthy cats with few hereditary diseases. However, they do occasionally have genetic issues, so annual vet check-ups are necessary to ensure that your LaPerm is healthy.

Owners Responsibility

It is advised to comb your LaPerm’s coat three times a week to keep it free from tangles and knots. Longer coats should be groomed more frequently. If possible, brush your cat’s teeth daily to prevent disease and trim nails weekly.

LaPerm – Quick Look

Size – Medium size

Weight – 4-7kgs

Coat- Curly, long or short

Colours – All colours, although tabby, red and tortoiseshell are most common

Lifespan- 10-15 years

Temperament- Affectionate, friendly and playful

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328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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