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Popular Dog Series: British Bulldog

Posted on: Sep 27 2019


The British Bulldog was originally bred for herding, guarding and baiting bulls as their name suggests. In the 17th century, this breed was fair more athletic with a savage temperament as opposed to today’s lovable and stocky British Bulldog.

The breed went into decline when bullbaiting was made illegal in 1835, however a new kind of British Bulldog was bred in the UK resulting in its re-emergence. Bred with the Pug, the breed transformed into a thicker, snubbed-nosed dog with a far calmer temperament.

british bulldog running


Its original temperament of the British Bulldog changed as a result of breeding with the Pug and it became a good-natured, friendly and patient dog. However, it did retain its tenacious quality and is known to be very resilient. They rarely bark, whine and cope well with prods and pokes from children which makes them a great family pet and get along well with other dogs.


The British Bulldog is a very distinct looking breed with its broad chest, short legs and squishy-face. It’s known for its rolls of skin, predominantly around its face and as opposed to breeds that have their tails docked, the British Bulldog is one of few breeds that naturally have a short straight or screwed tail.

british bulldog puppy siting

Health Care

Due to their very heavy bodies British Bulldogs are prone to hip and joint issues. They are also prone to respiratory issues because of their snub noses. They over heat very easily and for that reason are not great in hot climates. With extra skin folds, especially around the face, it’s important that they’re regularly wiped to avoid infection and dermatitis to the area.

Due to the fact that British Bulldogs do not often complain, owners need to pay a lot of attention and care to this breed.

Owner’s Responsibility

British Bulldogs are often regarded as an unathletic breed however, they are in fact an active breed but do become lazy when not regularly exercised.

British Bulldogs cannot swim very well so it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they watch their bulldog around pools and water ways.

British Bulldog – Quick Look

Size Medium
Weight 18 kgs – 25 kgs
Coat Soft short-coated
Colour Brindle, red, fawn, fallow, white and pied
Lifespan 10 yrs
Temperament Loyal & affectionate

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328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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