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Simple Steps On How To Train Kittens

Posted on: Jul 23 2020

5 annoying habits your kitten needs to stop now

A kitten may be the perfect addition to your home however, just like any pet, kittens can come with or develop some bad behaviours. Here are 5 annoying habits and some simple ways to train your kitten to break these habits early.


Here are some simple steps on how to train kittens.

Scratching furniture

Scratching furniture is a common issue with kittens but it’s a way they can work off energy, play, mark territory, and get rid of frayed bits of claw. To avoid scratching;

  • Buy a scratching posts for your kitten then sprinkle catnip on the posts to entice your kitten to use it
  • Trim your kittens claws regularly. Have your vet show you first if you’re unsure.

Avoiding the litter box

It can be frustrating when your kitten refuses to use the litter box but here are some ways to help;

  • Talk to your vet first to rule out illness. Bladder stones or urinary tract diseases are reasons’ your kitten might avoid the litter box
  • Try a few different kinds of litter and litter boxes. Some cats prefer one over the other
  • Clean the box at least once a day.
  • Provide multiple litter boxes in different locations.

Aggression towards people and animals

A kitten may become aggressive due to fear, protecting its territory or curiosity. Here’s how you can stop it;

  • Discuss your kitten’s aggression with your vet to rule out illness
  • Stop an attack in progress by using a water gun or the sound of hissing air from an aerosol can
  • Keep your kitten entertained and exercised daily
  • Create a regular routine for playtime so your kitten knows what to expect
  • Desex your kitten. This greatly reduces cat-on-cat aggression.how-to-train-kittens-2

Attention seeking

Attention seeking behaviour can be irritating. The following steps will help you stop this behaviour:

  • Identify the motivations for the behaviour. Are you reinforcing or encouraging the behaviour?
  • Find other activities that take the place of the irritating behaviours and address the triggers. Activities such as play or clicker training give kittens the attention they need
  • Don’t reinforce the bad behaviour. Leave the area while the kitten is acting out and they’ll soon realise that when they act out their favourite person disappears
  • Always reward and encourage good behaviours when they occur. Treats, affection and encouraging words are examples.

Begging for food

There are a few steps you can take to prevent your cat from begging for food at the table.

  • Don’t give the kitten anything to eat from your plate
  • Don’t allow your cat to get on to the table
  • Don’t pay any attention to your pet while eating.


Karingal Veterinary Hospital – How to train kittens

If your need more help with how to train your kitten, feel free to contact Karingal Veterinary Hospital for more information or book online.



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328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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