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Why is my dog’s nose dry?

Posted on: Jan 3 2020

As a pet owner changes in your dog’s appearance can be concerning, in particular its nose. You may question, is it too dry? Is it too wet? Should it be cracked? And these are all good questions. But when it comes to dogs and their noses, there are many factors at play. Dog’s cool their body, sweat, breath and collect information about their environment through their noses. So, when asking ‘why is my dog’s nose dry?’ here are some, but not all, possibilities.

dog's nose dry, wet dogs nose

Sun exposure

If your dog is laying out in the sun on a warm day there is the possibility that their nose will dry out. However, if you have a dog that has a pink nose, it can get sunburnt, and that might cause their nose to peel and crack.

Certain breeds

Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to cracked or dry noses. So when wondering ‘why is my dog’s nose dry?’ consider the breed of your dog. Breeds such as pugs and bulldogs cannot lick their noses very well due to the shape of their skull so they tend to develop chalky, cracked and uncomfortable noses.


Dogs with allergies may excessively rub their noses on the ground, couches, or their beds to relief their symptoms. This may cause the dogs nose to become dry. In this case, you might want to have your dog tested for allergies, especially if this is accompanied by constant coughing or sneezing.

dogs nose, smelling flowers

It is important to note that if a dog is sick it may have a wet nose, a dry nose, a running nose or a red nose. It can vary. So, a dry nose does not necessarily indicate that your dog is sick. You must take all of the dog’s behaviour into consideration.

Karingal Veterinary Hospital

If your dog is acting sick or is excessively coughing or licking its nose, contact us so our friendly veterinarians can examine your dog and make a correct diagnosis. You can call Karingal Veterinary Hospital or book online today.

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P: (03) 9789 3444

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