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10 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

Posted on: Apr 30 2021

Although intelligence plays a big role in how trainable a dog is, each breed has different traits that affect its ability to learn. Some may be easily distracted or prefer to be independent. However, two traits that our list of 10 most trainable dog breeds have in common is they are intelligent, and they are eager to please their owner. This combination is what makes these breeds the easiest to train.

German Shepherd

It’s no wonder the German Shepherd is the top pick for police, military, guide dogs and other service requirements. Their high intelligence, steady temperament and sheer loyalty makes this breed is easy to train and determined to learn.

german shepherd, trainable breed

Labrador Retriever

This water dog was originally bred as a gun dog, yet with its high obedience and patience, it is now commonly used as a guide and therapy dog. The Labrador is friendly, reliable, hardworking and intelligent.

labrador, trainable breed

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a charming dog with excellent social skills and general smarts. Because it is an easy to please dog, it has excellent obedience skills yet is playful, affectionate and even tempered. It is used as a service dog, and search and research dog due to these traits.

golden retriever image

Border Collie

Arguably the most intelligent breed, the Border Collie is a command driven dog that can often outwit its owner. Bred for, and still used widely as a sheep dog, the Border Collie is an energetic breed that excels in agility, obedience and tracking.

border collie image


When you consider the Poodle, you may be fooled by its fancy coat, yet this breed is highly intelligent and eager to please. This makes them the ideal dog to train. Poodles love to be challenged and are up for almost any task you put them to.

poodle image, trainable breed

Shetland Sheepdog

This elegant breed is playful, affectionate and obedient. Shetland Sheepdogs are competitive and agile, perfect for herding but with an affectionate nature. If you want a small yet intelligent breed, you can’t go past the Shetland Sheepdog.

shetland sheepdog image


The Rottweiler thrives when it has a job to do, making it extremely responsive and easy to train. A well-bred Rottweiler will be calm and confident and makes a great family pet. It is a large breed that is naturally protective over its owner.

image of a rottweiler

Doberman Pinscher

Known for its stamina and speed, the Doberman Pinscher perform well as a police and military dog. It responds extremely well to training and can be a great guard dog as well as family dog. Dobermans need to be socialised and trained at a young age to keep them happy. 

image of a doberman


Don’t be fooled by this lap dog. It is considered one of the 10 most trainable dog breeds because it is extremely agile and smart. They are alert and have a high desire to please, making them intelligent and easy to train. Often used as therapy dogs, the Papillon makes a great companion.

image of a papillon

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is alert, curious and high-energy, built to herd, they’re extremely intelligent. They thrive on having a job to complete and have a high responsiveness to commands. If you want a medium sized dog that is robust and loyal, don’t look past the Australian Cattle Dog.

aAustralian cattle dog image

Karingal Veterinary Hospital – 10 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

When you find your ideal dog, ensure you have your new best friend checked over by your local vet. Feel free to contact the friendly staff at Karingal Veterinary Hospital to make an appointment or book online today.

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