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7 Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Posted on: Feb 24 2023

Finding the right cat for your family can be a big task. However, some cats are more suited to family life, than others. In this blog we discuss which cat breeds make great companions for kids and why.


The Ragdoll is known for being easy going, affectionate and docile. They enjoy attention and are very gentle. This intelligent breed love to be held and flop like a ‘ragdoll’ when picked up!

If you are looking for a large breed of cat that children will adore, the calm Ragdoll might be the right cat for your family.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a low-maintenance, happy cat with a laid-back, friendly nature. This breed is relatively independent and do not demand attention yet are high energy and social.

They enjoy the company of dogs and children and can live past 20 years, making them perfect for family life.


Birman cats are extremely social and love attention, yet they don’t tend to be too demanding. This breed is curious, easy going and easily adapt to any type of household.

Their playful and easy to handle nature paired with their soft, fluffy coat make them ideal companions for children.

Maine Coon

This large cat has an even larger personality. The Maine Coon can weigh up to 9kgs but don’t let their size scare you. They are good natured and gentle cats with playful, sweet personalities.

They form strong bonds with their owners and get along with other cats and dogs, making them great for multi-pet families. If you are looking for a cat that can easily adapt to the needs of children, the Maine Coon might be the cat for you.


Burmese cats are curious, outgoing and love to be included in family life. They will follow their owners around the home and don’t tire of pats and affection.

If you’re looking for an athletic and energetic pet, these cats make the perfect playmate for families with young children and dogs.


Persian cats are sweet and gentle felines that love to laze around the house but can adapt well to busy households.

With their fluffy coat and squished face, Persians are the ideal cat for young children. They are docile, calm and are highly affectionate. Their coats do need some attention, so they are not a great choice if you are time-poor.

Mixed Breed

With varying personalities, mixed breeds often make great family pets. Cat shelters will allow you to spend time with the cat before you decide on adoption so you can discover the cat’s personality. You never know, the cat you’re saving could be the family pet you’ve been hoping for.

Karingal Vet Hospital – 7 Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Bringing a cat home is a big responsibility. For a family with young children, it is important that the cat fit the family dynamic and form a strong bond with your entire family.

If you find the perfect cat, feel free to contact Karingal Vet Hospital for an initial check-up to make sure your kitty is in perfect health!

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