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A Guide to the Best Cat Toys

Posted on: Sep 9 2022

Cats require an environment where they can play, scratch, exercise and practice pouncing and chasing. That’s why it’s important to provide toys that stimulate their mind, encourage these instinctive skills and prevent boredom.

Here’s some of the best cat toys that will keep your kitty entertained all day.

Scratching Posts

best cat toys- scratching post

Cats need to scratch, and if you want to prevent them from damaging your furniture, you must provide them with something to scratch. That’s why every cat owner should have a scratching post. There’s a wide spectrum of scratching posts suitable for most budgets.

Concealed Motion Cat Toy

This type of toy is ideal for cats of any age. It is designed to entice and excite cats for endless hours of entertainment and exercise. It encourages independent play and satisfies the cats instinct to pounce on its prey.

Some concealed motion cat toys have adjustable speeds, so you can customise it to your pet’s agility level.

Dangling Cat Toy

best cat toys- dangling cat toy

Image: Source

Dangling wand toys are a great way to play with your cat, while keeping your hands away from their sharp claws. For this reason, it’s great for kids and it promotes bonding time.

Simply wave the toy in front of your cat, to entice them to jump, run and pounce, helping them practice their agility. There are endless options from feathers, swirling ribbons and more.

Felt Toys for Cats

These toys are silent, ideal for any time of the day and for owners who don’t like traditional noisy toys. They are durable for a longer lasting life span and often come in cute designs. Perfect for cats that like to play fetch and bat toys across the floor.

Automatic Laser Toy

automated laser - best cat toy

Image: Source

Automatic laser toys provide stimulation for your cat and prevent them from becoming bored. The laser is designed to randomly bounce from walls and floors, mimicking a cat’s prey. They are simple to setup and provide your cat with hours of entertainment.

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys are perfect for stimulating and encouraging your cat’s instincts. Cat’s can hunt and stalk for 2-3 hours a day, so this provides an alternative outlet to wildlife. A must have toy for active cats!

Catnip Toys

Catnip toys provide owners with a way to administer catnip. While this herb is designed to mellow out cats, a lot of cats react by rolling, flipping, rubbing and relaxing. Simply fill a catnip toy and watch your cat get excited, play for hours and then cuddle their toy as they relax.

Food-Motivated Toys

food motivated -best cat toy

Image: Source

These are great for cats that are food-motivated. It allows you to hide your cat’s favourite treats for them to seek out with their paws and stimulate their senses. It also encourages cats to use their intellect and hunting skills, and the reward keeps them from getting frustrated.

Karingal Veterinary Hospital – A Guide to the Best Cat Toys

When finding the best cat toys for your feline friend, ensure that it stimulates them, challenges their skills and helps to strengthen your bond. Feel free to contact the friendly staff at Karingal Veterinary Hospital if you would like some cat toy suggestions.

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328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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