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Dog Friendly Walks – Mornington Peninsula

Posted on: Apr 10 2019

Dogs make fabulous walking buddies! Now that the Victorian weather is cooling, it’s a lovely time of year to get out with your favourite four-legged friend. Your dog’s excitement and enthusiasm for walking will make you smile, and you’re bound to have a great time. There are plenty of dog-friendly places you can visit in and around the Mornington Peninsula but before you embark on your adventure, you should take these few things into consideration.

Dog-friendly Mornington Peninsula

Things to consider before walking/hiking with your dog


Ability: it is important to know your dog’s fitness level before setting out. If your dog is fit and healthy then a nice long trek will be great but if your dog lives a more sedentary lifestyle – you may want to start with shorter walks until your dog has built up its fitness level.


Health: if you’re keeping to your annual veterinary health care programme (here at Karingal Vet Hospital, we offer a Vital Care Plan) – you’ll know whether your dog has any health complaints (breathing issues, arthritis) that may influence their ability to hike.


Ticks: ticks are prevalent in summer months but are around all year. Please ensure you take precaution against ticks, especially if you’re hiking in the bush. Speak to us at our Frankston Clinic about recommended tick prevention products – we are partners in the Parasite Prevention Programme. Also, check your dog for ticks after the hike.


Overnight: if you’re planning a big adventure with an overnight stay, be sure to plan where your campsite will be and whether or not it will be dog-friendly and safe.


Dog-Friendly Hikes: be sure the hike you’re planning is dog-friendly. Don’t be tempted to take your dog on trails that prohibit dogs – there will be local wildlife that is protected, and you may be fined.


Dog-Friendly Walks – Mornington Peninsula

Don’t forget your Walking Essentials

  • Water and snacks
  • Drinking Bowl
  • Poop Bags
  • First Aid kit
  • Leash or harness


Karingal Vet Hospital

As one of the leading vets in Frankston, we love welcoming new dogs and cats to our clinic. We also offer a fun puppy school to help you establish a great relationship with your dog.


*List taken from https://www.victoriawalks.org.au/Dogfriendlywalks/

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328 Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC, 3199

P: (03) 9789 3444

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