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Dog Training Equipment You Need Now

Posted on: Jun 17 2023

Training your puppy or dog is vital to eliminate problem behaviour, stress at off-leash dog parks and any uncertainty around your dog’s ability to respond to your commands.

Beginning training as early as possible will help instil good behaviour and social skills, making the relationship between you and your pooch an enjoyable one. Before you begin however, there are a few pieces of dog training equipment that will make training a lot easier for you.


Dog Collar

A collar is not only a must-have piece of equipment to identify your dog if they get lost, but it also conveniently attaches to all leads, for a simple way to train, control and recall your dog outside of the home. Look for a collar that is waterproof, easy to clip on, rust resistant and adjustable.

Long Length Dog Training Lead

Long leads play an important role in training your dog, and they come in a wide range of lengths to suit your needs. Designed so your dog has an off leash feeling, long length leads are perfect for recall purposes and when used correctly can be a very beneficial tool.

When choosing a long lead ensure they are rust resistant and easy to clip on and off the collar. Note: Never use retractable leads for recall training as they encourage pulling and can be dangerous if they snap.

Dog Training Treats

Treats are essential when it comes to training your dog, as they tend to be the quickest and easiest way to entice dogs to stay attentive. As a rule of thumb, treats need to be;

  • Small, so they are quick to eat
  • Moist so they are more enticing and easier to swallow
  • Have a strong smell so your dog knows there is a reward for them.

Note: Be aware of the quantity of food you’re giving you puppy or dog during training, as some breeds are prone to bloat.

Dog Treat Pouch

Treat pouches are purpose made for dog training. They allow you to be quick and efficient when it comes to rewarding your pooch for obeying commands. They also keep treats dry, stop your clothes from smelling and can be easily strapped to your waist/ hips or across your chest.

A Dog Crate

Crate training is extremely useful for teaching your dog to lie calmly or to sleep inside a crate. This is why;

  • Keeps your puppy from chewing on cords, shoes or furniture when you’re asleep
  • Keeps your dog safe and out of the way while you’re cleaning, mopping or using chemicals
  • Stops dogs for digging, chewing or jumping over the fence.

Karingal Vet Hospital – Dog Training Equipment

If you need more information about what equipment you need to successfully train your dog or to find puppy school classes, feel free to contact the friendly staff at Karingal Vet Hospital on (03) 9789 3444 or book online for an appointment.


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