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Is My Cat Fat? How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Posted on: Jan 13 2023

You may think that keeping your cat’s weight in check is easy, however some breeds are more prone to weight gain than others. If your cat is on the heavy side, ensure you seek advice to help them lose weight and live a long, healthy life.

Here are 9 ways to help your cat lose those unwanted kilograms.

help your cat lose weight

Talk to your Vet

Your vet will assess your cat based on their breed and any health concerns that may hamper their progress. They will implement a plan so you can leave your appointment knowing you’re on the right track.

Count Calories

Track how much you are feeding your cat. A simple calories per kilogram of body weight calculation should be available on the packaging of your cat food. If not, seek your vet’s advice on how to work out the best way to count your cat’s calories.

Switch Food Slowly

Cats are fussy eaters, so make sure you change your cat’s diet slowly. Mix in the new food gradually, increasing it every few days over the period of two weeks.

Consider canned food as the controlled portions can make it more difficult to overfeed your cat.

Cut Out Treats

Reduce the number of calories your cat consumes by replacing treats with playtime. Giving treats multiple times a day can easily lead to overeating and weight gain, yet simple playtime increases their daily activity and keeps your cat stimulated.

Make Mealtime Challenging

Using puzzle feeders can help encourage your cat’s physical and mental activity, limit boredom and restrict the amount of food your cat eats at mealtimes. It can also force your cat to exercise and provide them with entertainment.

help your cat lose weight

Mix Up the Exercise

Cats get bored with the same daily exercise. Provide them with plenty of varied climbing surfaces, scratch posts and games such as string on a rope, foil balls and laser pointers for a quick, fun session of play.

Keep the Water Accessible

Always keep fresh water available for your cat especially after playtime. Overweight cats may feel like they are hungry, when in fact they are thirsty or bored.

Schedule Play

Everyone is busy and sometimes play time with your cat can be overlooked. So, schedule daily play to ensure your cat gets the exercise they need to lose that excess weight.

Check for Progress

Weigh your cat regularly to make sure you are both on the right track. If you are unsure, or if you cat continues to gain weight, make sure you visit your local vet for a detailed examination of your cat.

Karingal Vet Hospital – Help Your Cat Lose Weight

If you are concerned about your cat’s weight or general health, ensure you make an appointment with your vet. Karingal Vet Hospital are happy to answer any questions you may have about your cat’s health, so book an appointment today.

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