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Popular Cat Series: Bombay

Posted on: Dec 16 2022


The Bombay cat originated in America in the late 1950’s and was named after the port city in India. Breeders were keen to create a cat that had a sleek, shiny black coat and resembled the Indian black leopard. What they delivered was exactly that.

Crossing the Burmese cat and the black domestic shorthair, this breed of cat has the Burmese structure with a black patent coat. The Bombay was recognised globally by Cat Breeders in the 1970’s.

bombay cat


The Bombay doesn’t walk, it sways, just like the Indian black leopard. It has a coat that is short and glossy, and rounded features throughout. Its head, ears, chin, eyes and even feet are round.

The Bombay is a muscular, heavy boned cat, combined with its standout black coat, makes it an appealing breed.


This breed is an active and curious cat that demands attention from its owners. It loves watching the world and can often be seen sitting at a window, watching out.

Its lively yet calm, affectionate nature makes it adaptable to different environments and perfect for other pets and children.

The Bombay is a friendly, intelligent and affectionate cat however, its curiosity can often lead it to stray. This breed love to play, so toys and scratching posts are a must.

Health Care

Bombay’s are generally a healthy breed, although it can suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, excessive tearing of the eyes, and possible breathing difficulties because of its short muzzle.

bombay cat

Owners Responsibility

Other than general hygiene routines, the Bombay’s coat needs to be brushed weekly to keep it clean and shiny. Make sure their litterboxes are always clean as it is very particular about bathroom hygiene.

Bombay – Quick Look

Size medium-sized
Weight 4kg – 7kg
Coat Short, smooth
Colour Black
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Temperament Friendly, intelligent and affectionate


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P: (03) 9789 3444

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