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Popular Breeds Series: Siamese Cat

Posted on: May 14 2018

Siamese Cat History

siamese cat care, treatise on cats

The earliest record of the Siamese cat is a 19th Century Siamese manuscript. Called The Treatise on Cats, the folio contains images of different lucky and unlucky cats found in modern-day Thailand. The manuscript claims that Siamese cats were revered by Siamese Royalty. Before they spread throughout the world at the turn of the 20th Century, Siamese cats spent most of their time in Thai Royal homes or guarding Buddhist temples.

Because of their blue eyes, talkativeness and desire for attention, souls of the dead were said to inhabit Siamese cats, furthering their reputation as sacred beings.


Siamese cats are medium-sized with short, silky coats and long legs. They are pale, with dark socks, ears, tail and nose. One of their most striking attributes are their almond-shaped, crystal blue eyes. They have large ears on top of a long, wedge-shaped head. Siamese are an elegant breed with elongated bodies: a long neck, a long tail and long legs. They shed little, and will show weight gain quickly.



siamese cat, melbourne vet, frankston vet, seaford cat careSiamese are one of the most talkative cat breeds. They crave attention and affection. Common lap cats, they will often jump into owners’ laps as soon as they sit down. They typically form one major attachment and will stay close to that person, but are very social. Craving attention, they are great with kids and other pets. Siamese can be cautious toward strangers, but more often than not will greet guests at the door.

Siamese are an inquisitive, intelligent breed and so must be entertained. Do not leave them alone for too long, or without ample entertainment, such as cat toys or puzzles.


Siamese live for about 12 to 15  years, though it is not uncommon for indoor cats to live older. Chronic bronchial diseases, crossed eyes and bladder stones are common in Siamese cats. Those amazing blue eyes can atrophy and develop glaucoma.  Amyloidosis of the liver can happen as well. Be sure to clean their teeth and trim their nails, and book your Siamese in for an annual check-up and booster vaccines.

Owner’s Responsibilities

Siamese are social cats. They benefit from being around people, so don’t leave them alone for long stretches of time. If your family are away a lot or for most of the day, consider adopting two, rather than one, Siamese.

When you return home, be sure to give your Siamese lots of attention. They will most likely greet you at the door and will definitely want to spend time with you. A game, puzzle or toy will meet their moderate exercise needs, and a game of fetch and some safe vertical spaces to climb up will wear them out.


Siamese cats are long and thin, and will show weight gain quickly. Be careful not to overfeed your pets, and to prevent dental decay and disease, also make a habit of brushing your cat’s teeth.

On brushing, Siamese have short coats and shed a little so only require brushing once a week. Their big ears will require cleaning every once in a while, about as often as their nails will need clipping.

Cat ownership is a big responsibility. On top of grooming, feeding and exercising your pet, you must also keep your cat’s vaccines up to date, consider getting them desexed and book in for an annual check-up to give your cat the best chance at life. This responsibility is matched with reward. Siamese are loving creatures and make great companions for kids, families and other pets.

Quick Look

Size Medium
Weight M: 4-6kg F:2.5-5.5kg
Coat Short, silky
Colour Light with dark features
Lifespan 15-20 years +
Temperament Talkative, active, inquisitive

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